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Northern Inclusion Consortium

What we offer

Helping to shape the commissioning landscape

We are aware that due to the ongoing pressures and increasing burden placed on our health, social care, housing and criminal justice systems, it is likely that the need for consolidation and joined-up approaches will continue to increase. As a group of like-minded, values-driven organisations, we would like to help shape and be a part of that consolidation, offering best value for money, but with a continued focus on service quality.

We are clear that in these challenging times there is increased risk for the sector of ‘winning’ contracts that, due to either funding systems or poor prime relationships, ultimately lead to poor-quality provision, and poor experience for both the service user and sub-contractors. We want to counteract this and, through our shared capacity and expertise, we want to play an active role in developing the commissioning landscape.

What we offer

Working together and using our collective expertise, the NIC aims to:

  • Provide the opportunity to operate as a third sector ‘prime’, enabling cost-effective supply chains
  • Develop mutually beneficial sub-contracting relationships with local VCS organisations
  • Create service offers spanning health, social care, offending, employment, skills, training, and homelessness commissioning
  • Improve transition and referral pathways between services
  • Assist other VCS organisations to contribute to public service delivery
  • Get a better deal on procurement
  • Share best practice
  • Examine ways of sharing investment and risk
  • Develop new models of provision
  • Help to define and maintain high quality standards

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  • Northern Inclusion Consortium
  • 36 Brenkley Way
  • Seaton Burn
  • Newcastle upon Tyne
  • NE13 6DS
  • 01325 529 215
  • info@niconsortium.org

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