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Northern Inclusion Consortium

What we do

Transforming service delivery

At a time of growing need and reducing budgets, it has become increasingly important to seek new ways to stretch resources to maintain support for the most vulnerable, achieve improved outcomes for beneficiaries and better value to the public. We share a common vision that this can be achieved in part through the redesign and transformation of commissioning, resource allocation, and service delivery.

Influence and voice

Working with over 100,000 people experiencing exclusion, addiction, homelessness, and mental ill-health gives us a unique insight into these big issues — both from the perspective of those who are experts by experience, and through the extensive experience of our front-line workers and service delivery.

We seek to listen, understand, and give a platform to these experiences, voices, and insights in order to influence decision- and policymakers.

Partnership development

Due to the ongoing pressures and increasing burden placed on our health, social care, housing, and criminal justice systems, there is an increasing need for consolidation and joined-up approaches to service delivery. We have an extensive network of VCS organisations that we can rely on for joined-up, collaborative, and partnership work across a variety of thematic areas.

We seek to develop these networks and collaborations, whilst improving the abilities of those within our networks to achieve improved outcomes for beneficiaries.

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  • Northern Inclusion Consortium
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