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Northern Inclusion Consortium

Why a consortium?

The Northern Inclusion Consortium is a pragmatic response to the real world position that national Government and commissioning bodies will continue to structure contracts in such a way that scale and reach will be key factors for success.

We believe that third sector organisations in this region and elsewhere have huge potential to play an increasing role in provision. The NIC partners all have significant bidding and delivery capacity and strong reputations of winning and delivering large contracts, so our ambition is based on experience.

If voluntary sector service providers cannot operate to scale successfully within this commissioning environment, including performance by results, then the sector risks being squeezed out.

We are committed to investing in service development and our own sector in the region:

By the sector, for the sector
We believe that we have collective power to bid for work as a prime contractor, or as a strong partner alongside existing primes. We are committed to the Consortium not only benefitting core members but, crucially, the wider VCS by developing values-based partnerships and supply chains that are by the sector, for the sector.

Delivery with a local feel
We believe that service provision is often best developed and delivered by organisations with a local feel for the communities they serve. We want to offer a more collaborative approach to partnership working, and subcontracting with our VCS colleagues

The establishment of the NIC positions us to be able to compete collaboratively on a large scale. We believe we can support and develop the sector’s position, ensuring it has a significant role in delivering high-quality, people-focused services.

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