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Northern Inclusion Consortium

Our Values

Together, we work under five core values:



Continuous learning is the one route to real, lasting change for our communities. Learning leads to performance improvement and system change which will help us achieve our aim.

We’re committed to facilitating networks for learning in organisations and people alike.


There’s strength in our unity. Simply put, we’re better placed to achieve long-term changes and improved outcomes for our beneficiaries when we work together.

People First 

We recognise the importance of putting people at the centre of our thinking. Moreover, no place of origin will impact our approach. We understand the importance of communicating with people from each part of the region, whether they’re from a village, suburb or inner-city.


We aim to integrate hierarchical models of service delivery, accountability and commissioning with a bottom-up, user-led approach.

The NIC believes in giving a voice to those at the core of our services – our frontline workers and service users. We use our platform to elevate their goals and collectively strive to achieve better outcomes for those we seek to serve.

Systems Thinking 

Ultimately, change rarely comes from one great service, worker or organisation. Real, sustainable change comes at a systematic level. Our work does not just focus on influencing services and practitioners but also the systems that exist around us.

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