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Welcome to the Northern Inclusion Consortium

Humankind Charity is proud to announce the transfer of the Step Forward Tees Valley contract from the Northern Inclusion Consortium to Humankind.

It has been agreed by all partners that the vision for the Northern Inclusion Consortium in being both a contract delivery organisation and a catalyst for deep structural change is no longer a viable option and therefore the dissolution process will begin from 1st October 2020.

For information about Step Forward Tees Valley, please visit sfteesvally.co.uk or call the Programme Management Team on 01325 529210.

For more information about Northern Inclusion Consortium, please visit one of the NIC’s partner websites:

Humankind- humankindcharity.org.uk

Groundwork- groundwork.org.uk

Mental Health Concern- mentalhealthconcern.org

Changing Lives- changing-lives.org.uk

The Northern Inclusion Consortium (NIC) is a partnership of Northern charities, a united front fighting for the wellbeing of those in need. We are here to drive social change through collaboration, develop networks which share best practices, and give a voice to our people.

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What we do

The Northern Inclusion Consortium addresses key areas of concern in the North East: homelessness, addiction, drug deaths, crime, and health inequality. Our joint aim is to encourage sustained health, social wellbeing, and a stable economy for the North East of England.

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Why do we need to exist?

We’re stronger together. With shrinking public funds, our communities and those who are in place to serve them are in need of new ideas, innovations and ways of meeting people’s needs. The NIC’s collaborative approach can help our region close the gaps.

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Who we are

We are a group of four leading North East charities: Changing Lives, Humankind, Groundwork NE & Cumbria, and Mental Health Concern.
We each have a well-established commitment to delivering community-based services for people with complex needs.

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Who is the NIC?

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